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Organically & Ethically Sourced

All our crystals and herbs are organic and are ethically sourced.

Royal Mail Shipping

All orders will be packed with love & care and sent via Royal Mail.

Animal Cruelty Free

Here at Mama Magick, we love and respect all animals and wildlife.

Mama Gaia Candles

Made individually by hand, these beautiful Gaia candles make the perfect addition to your sacred space or altar. Available in the scents Snow Fairy, Lemon and Lavender and for that cosy autumnal vibe, Baked Cookies!

Love Spells

All Spells are performed by Mama Magick and can be personalised easily.
You can now request your spell to be made into a tiktok video and uploaded on the mamamagickbeth tiktok page, you will be tagged too!

Tarot Readings

A wide variety of readings are available including; love, career, future and general guidance from Mama Magick (Tarot specialist).
All Tarot readings are sent as an audio recording and photo of your tarot spread for you to keep and listen to any time.

Most Popular Items

Here are some of the most popular witchy items in our store…


Love, Relationship, General Tarot and General Oracle readings are now available in store.

Blessed Be! xx

Mama Magick is always on hand to offer advice and support. If you would like some help choosing items to best suit your requirements, please get in touch via any of our socials – Instagram, Facebook or Email.

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