Love Incense


Manifesting love, passion, friendship, a new relationship and positive energy has never been easier with the brand new Love Incense Sticks with a stunning witchy theme, designed by Lisa Parker.

These beautiful  incense sticks not only smell divine, but they also help to increase positive energy, help you to attract love, romance, friendship, sex Magick, self-love,  and connection into both your life and within your sacred place through smoke cleansing; this is further elevated by the enchanting blend of herbs and flowers used to make the incense sticks.
Perfect for connecting with deities such as Aphrodite, Venus, Freyja, Frigg, Bridget, Rhiannon, Artemis, Diana and Pan.
With approximately 20 sticks per box and 45 minute burn time, you can ensure you’ll be attracting those positive vibes and finding love, self-love and happy relationships sooner than you think.

Blessed Be x

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