Maca Root


Maca Root is known as the baby maker in the Mama Magick Apothecary as it increases sexual desire and libido in both men and women. Watch out ladies! Maca Root may also increase fertility in men too! This wonderful root boosts energy and prolongs the benefits of its energy relief, making it natures own energy drink when infused with water and consumed as a tea. Most ideal for people with chronic fatigue, stress, low libido and those trying to conceive. Mama Magick personally recommends this herb for those with ADHD who may also struggle with concentration and get sleepy quickly. Maca Root is perfect for concentration, wisdom, love and fertility spells as well as sex magick and improving sex matters in relationships lacking lust.

( IMPORTANT: Not suitable for insomnia sufferers, pregnant or breastfeeding women or children under 18!)

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