Oracle Card Reading


Oracle readings have been used for centuries to gain further insight into situations and support individuals in their quest to move forwards, offering advice and general life guidance. Guidance from an oracle deck is often kinder, more uplifting and far less abrupt than with traditional tarot. For younger people or those more vulnerable I highly recommend oracle readings over traditional tarot readings.

Mama Magick has been reading tarot for 15 years and had gained a fantastic reputation as a trusted reader, offering extensive support to all clients.
A tarot reading from Mama Magick will last approximately 30 minutes. Readings are sent to the email address you provide at check out and will be presented as a picture of the tarot spread and an audio file interpretation personalised to you.

Please note: Tarot and Oracle readings do not solve problems. If you’re struggling mentally please seek professional help and support. Thank you x

“I look forward to reading for you very soon! Blessed Be!” – Mama Magick xx


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