Protection Candle


Protecting and cleansing your home or scared place has never been easier with the brand new handmade Protection Candle. Furthermore, this highly effective candle does not contain any Palo Santo or White Sage making it also respectful to native culture as White Sage is being over harvested at the moment.

These stunning protection candles not only smell incredible, but they also help to banish, cleanse and protect your sacred place through smoke cleansing and the burning power of the element of fire; this is further elevated by the enchanting blend of herbs, flowers and crystals used to make the candles. The candle is completed with rosemary, green sage, nettle and black salt (handmade in the mama Magick apothecary) and is covered in black and yellow wax drips for that classic witchy candle vibe.
With approximately 50hours burn time you can be sure to always be well protected during meditations, rituals and whilst spell casting.

Blessed Be x

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