Self-Love Bath Potion


Aphrodite’s Self-Love Bath Potion are handmade by Mama Magick.
This magickal blend of CBD included Epsom salts, Himalayan rock salt, rosemary, rose petals and 100% eucalyptus oil, makes the perfect accompaniment to a self-loving ritual bath.
Ideal as a ritual bath before spell work or sex Magick or use as an evening soak to ensure you wake up radiating that vibrant self-love energy the following day.
Himalayan bath salts help to improve  circulation, promote healing and improves skin texture and tone, as well as fighting the signs of ageing, stress and helps to reduce inflammation and muscle cramps.
Makes a great gift for yourself or a friend, partner or family member to bring a little more self care, TLC and Magick into their lives.


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